Relationship based youth/community work

Relationship-based youth/community work is about creating relationships with young people and families, which provide opportunities for them to engage in authentic, meaningful and positive relationships so that they can aspire and reach their full potential. Our team have their own lived experiences which support them to connect and guide young people to reflect on the paths they choose in life. Relationships based approaches rely on peoples being ‘real’ and treating everyone they work with as equals so we learn from each other.

Restorative & Transformative Practice

Restorative Practice involves building and maintaining healthy relationships, resolving difficulties and repairing harm if there has been conflict between individuals or groups. Transformative Practice gets to the root cause negative behaviour and mindsets, when you can understand the history behind your decision making and behaviour you’re more likely to be able to take a different path. Both approaches are community and person centred led which is empowering and promotes equality. Both approaches lead to long term positive outcomes for individuals and groups.

Trauma-Informed Practice

Trauma-informed approach to yoga supports people to face and release unresolved trauma safely and effectively. Teaching yoga in a trauma informed approach means that every yoga class is created taking into account the participants backgrounds and experiences, the classes are planned even down to where the mats are set up, the language we use and how the movements are pieced together. Yoga works heavily on the nervous system so our approach aims to ease people into their Parasympathetic nervous system in which they will come away feeling less stressed, anxious or angry.

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