Urban Yogis UK 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training & Mentorship

Outline syllabus and structure for the 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training and Mentorship

‘Sevi’ – Yoga as Service is at the heart of this training


This training is for committed practitioners with first-hand experience of how yoga practices can positively impact our lives and a passion for sharing these with others from their own experiences, particularly with young people. It is designed to support teachers in developing the skills and knowledge to share yoga practices within their own communities. We believe these practices should be accessible to anyone who wants to learn them, and this training has the importance of accessibility and community values at its heart.

Training School: Urban Yogis UK C.I.C.

Lead Trainer – Helen McCabe

Faculty TBC

Other contributors – Specialist educators in the field of accessibility and diversity/mental health/prison yoga/youth work.


The final teaching certificate will be awarded on completing both parts of the training (300+ hours), subject to the trainee demonstrating their understanding of all modules and competency to teach the practices safely and appropriately to different groups.

Attending this training does not guarantee you will be awarded the final certification.

Anyone who needs additional time or support to demonstrate their knowledge and competence to teach safely and effectively will be supported by the teaching faculty and will have additional time to do this.

Exams and Assessment

At the end of Part 1 and Part 2 of the training, trainees will need to complete a short online (multichoice) exam to demonstrate their understanding of the various topics covered in the course. This must be completed within 30 days of completion of the relevant part.

They will also have practical (teaching) assessments to demonstrate their competence to teach (selected) yoga practices they have been studying to specific groups of practitioners / young people.

This must be completed within 60 days of completing Part 2 of the training.

Urban Yogis UK Vision and Mission statement

Urban Yogis UK supports young people and communities by sharing Yoga and other practices so that they can use the tools to help with everyday life.

Urban yogis UK is committed to sharing the practices of yoga with young people, particularly those in marginalised communities, as tools to support their own well-being and within the broader context of developing empathy and compassion towards themselves and others.

We are committed to creating spaces that are as safe and accessible as possible, striving to break down barriers such as socio-economic, gender, disability, culture and others.

We are committed to sharing these practices with compassion and care in a way that always puts the practitioner front and centre of the process.

We believe that community is at the heart of these practices – ‘We are not ok until we are all ok’.

Aims and Objectives

This training aims to offer an in-depth training and mentorship programme which will empower teachers with the skills, knowledge and aptitude to share yoga practices, particularly with young people and those in marginalised communities. This training honours the traditions of yoga philosophy and practice as an evolving process that focuses on social ethics at its heart.

At the end of the training, teachers will :

• Have the knowledge, skills, confidence and aptitude to hold (safer?) spaces and share these practices in their communities in a way that has practitioner empowerment at its heart.

• They will understand the specific needs of different groups and how to share these practice tools in a way that is as accessible as possible to everyone.

• Have a good understanding and knowledge of suitable asana, breathing, meditation and mindfulness practices for young people and how to teach them.

• Have a foundational understanding and knowledge of the history/context of yoga and some of the principles of yoga philosophy so that they can apply these to their teaching.

• Have foundational knowledge and understanding of functional anatomy and physiology in teaching yoga, specifically to young people.

• Have a foundational knowledge and understanding of the nervous system as it relates to sharing different yoga practices, specifically with young people.

• Be able to plan classes and courses for different groups and needs.

• Understand potential barriers to engagement and have the skills to overcome them.

• Understand and apply the relevant policies and procedures that form the basis for creating and holding safe learning environments, particularly when working with vulnerable and young people – these will include safeguarding and child protection, confidentiality, equality, ethic, code of practice and teacher/practitioner guidelines.

• Understand their scope of practice as a yoga teacher and when / how to signpost students to other professionals for support as required.

Applications and Assessment

For every 12 spaces, there will be a minimum of 1 x fully sponsored space. We will also aim to include partially sponsored spaces, subject to available funding.

Applicants should have practised consistently with a (UYUK recognised) teacher for a minimum of two years and have had an established regular personal yoga practice for a minimum of two years.

(Applicants with less than the above minimum may be considered for Part 1 of the training only).