Our Vision

Urban Yogis UK provides support to young people and communities by sharing Yoga practice so that they can use the tools to help with everyday life. Our aim is to make Yoga accessible to all so that it breaks down social economic, gender, cultural and any other barriers that prevent people from practicing.

Yoga and mindfulness practices have the ability to help develop positive outlooks, viewpoints and life skills that can help people navigate their way through life. Yoga has the physical benefits of improving mobility, flexibility and general fitness. Our programmes all contain physical and mental practices alongside youth work education.

Many scientifically backed research studies have been done that show the positive effects on physical and mental health through in undertaking theses techniques. Urban yogis UK will share these techniques with young people within the wider context of developing empathy and compassion towards self and others. We are committed to assisting young and vulnerable people in incorporating and using the techniques of yoga to benefit their lives.

We have a talented team of yoga instructors, youth workers and therapists that deliver the programmes. They have extensive experience of working with young people and community development that is underpinned by their passion to share Yoga.

What do we offer

Community Yoga (youth & adult)

Our Community Yoga sessions can be delivered to young people and adults. They involve physical yoga practice, breathing exercises to support emotional regulation, mindfulness and meditation. The classes are between 1 to 1.5 hours and are delivered by qualified yoga teachers and youth/community workers. We deliver our community yoga in community centres, youth clubs, schools, sports clubs and prisons. We aim to increase community cohesion, improve physical and mental health and build positive relationships.


We offer a bespoke mentoring service which is aimed at supporting young people with an emphasis on mental health. Our youth workers are all qualified yoga teachers so many of the yoga practices like mindfulness and meditation are taught to the young people during their mentoring sessions so they’re able to use these tools when they’re in need. Our youth workers support young people within homelife, community and school during times that suit them. Our team delivers educational mentoring sessions around key topics such as healthy relationships, consequential thinking, online safety, exploitation/crime, behaviour change, emotional regulation and more..

Education & Workshops

We can deliver bespoke programmes on specific topics to meet the needs of young people and adults. The education is from our Urban Yogi curriculum which covers topics such as mindfulness, healthy relationships, mental health, online safety, serious youth violence, gangs, county lines and more..

The programmes will be delivered as packages which include physical yoga practice and education workshops, we usually split the sessions between both. These are 4, 8 and 12 week programmes and can be tailor made to your needs. 

Urban Yogis Five Pillars

The Urban Yogis five pillars underpin all of our work and they have been chosen by our young people, community and staff.

  • 1

    Physical activity through Yoga and Movement

  • 2

    Employment and education pathways


  • 3

    Building positive/healthy relationships

  • 4

    Improve well being and mental resilience


  • 5

    Sharing Yoga tools which can be tools for everyday life